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About tikited

Tikited, an online traffic ticket solution in Ontario allows you to pay fine at your convenience. With ease of access, this platform allows you to resolve speeding ticket issues and other driving offences effortlessly.

Our Service

Tikited is an online platform that allows users to deal with their traffic ticket through an online service. If anyone in Ontario receives a traffic ticket, they can simply submit their ticket and put an end to it.

Our Concept

Instead of users having to take a day off work to attend court to see what happens with their ticket, our platform saves you time and helps you deal with your ticket in 3 simple clicks and you don’t pay any legal fees. You will never pay us more than the ticketed price.


Tikited is the easiest and most cost-effective method to deal with your traffic ticket matters. The platform brings technology and the law together to give our clients a fast and trustworthy service.


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2250 Bovaird Dr. East
Unit 212
Brampton, Ontario
L6R-2T3 , Canada


Phone: +1 (647) 675-7330              


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